Daube à la Languedocienne

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Region France
Categories Main courses
Tags Stew recipes
Servings: 6
Preperation time: 480 minutes.
Cooking time: 220 minutes.
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Daube à la Languedocienne

The ingredients for daube à la languedocienne:

  • marinade for Daube à la Languedocienne;
    Note! Quantities below are for 6 portions.
    • 700 milliliter red wine;
    • 6 cloves garlic; halved
    • 1 bouquet garni;
    • 1 twigs rosemary;
    • 1 winter carrot; in slices
    • 2 onions; in slices
    • 10 black peppercorns;
    • 1 splashes Marc du Languedoc;
    • 1 splashes olive oil;
  • 900 gram beef stew meat; in pieces
  • 25 gram flour;
  • 400 gram sieved tomatoes; canned
  • 200 gram bacon bits;
  • 200 gram chestnut mushrooms; sliced
  • 100 gram green olives; cleaned and cut in half
  • 100 gram black olives; cleaned and cut in half
  • olive oil;

How to make daube à la languedocienne?

  1. Prepare the marinade for Daube à la Languedocienne.
    1. Mix the red wine, the garlic, the bouquet garni, the rosemary, the winter carrot, the onion, the black peppercorn, the Marc du Languedoc and the olive oil.
    2. Your result is ready for further use.
  2. Marinate the beef stew meat for at least 8 hours.
  3. Remove the beef stew meat.
  4. Let the beef stew meat dry on some kitchen paper.
  5. Grab a new pan.
  6. Add the olive oil to the pan.
  7. Add the beef stew meat to your pan and sear on medium temperature until colored. Use multiple portions if needed.
  8. Add the flour and fry shortly while stirring.
  9. Add the marinade for Daube à la Languedocienne and the sieved tomatoes to the stew.
  10. Stew for at least 3 hours.
  11. Grab a new pan.
  12. Add the bacon bits and the chestnut mushroom
  13. Fry the bacon bits and the chestnut mushrooms and drain any surplus fat.
  14. Add the bacon bits, the chestnut mushrooms, the green olives and the black olives to the stew.
  15. Cook the stew for 15 more minutes without a lit. So the stew becomes a bit thicker.
  16. Your dish is ready, enjoy!

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